Look at me
A pitiful sight from whom everyone flees
I am the lone tree in the desert with nothing but solitude as my companion
My biography is a life behind a computer
It seems the virtual world accepts me completely
My best friends are the four vanilla colored walls of my room
I am the epitome of loneliness
My life is tagged with desolation
Forlornness know me by name
I am not alone but I am always lonely
I am the lonely loner
And like the lone wolf, I will die alone

When do I get the chance to call someone my love?
When do I also boast of a lover when others do same?
When would loneliness find another victim and leave me alone?
I need a friend to keep me company
My lonely heart keeps searching for that friend
I try never to be alone
But I strive for loneliness to leave me alone
Those I call friends are people who need favors from me
It’s such a shame I have never had a best friend
I crave to be in the company of others
But it seems I am always left behind…..
Forgive my whining, diary
I swear to you, loneliness knows me by name.


Author: Kofi Dzogbewu

Writing. Books. Poetry. Creativity

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