To Jennifer Lawrence, the ‘Mockingjay’ in Hunger Games


The revolution is on

With time, victory might be ours

But then what is the price of this victory?

We might win, but the victory might be shallow


Where do we draw the line and retreat?

When do we lay down our arms and surrender to the powers that be?

For how long shall we continue to watch them spill the blood

of our brothers and sisters who fight for freedom, justice and change?


What happens if we lay down our arms and surrender?

Shall I who once led the liberators now command heinous abductors?

Do the freedom fighters deserve to be imprisoned

for their crime of seeking freedom?


Indeed, we march on; fighting for what we believe in

With the mocking jay as our emblem, we mock the powers that be

With one blow we spill blood and lose blood at the same time

More ours than theirs


But like the phoenix, we shall rise from the ashes

Kotoko; wukum apem a apem b3ba

Cut one head of the hydra and two grows in its place

We are locked in a cycle of violence.


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Author: Kofi Dzogbewu

Writing. Books. Poetry. Creativity

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