Look at me
A pitiful sight from whom everyone flees
I am the lone tree in the desert with nothing but solitude as my companion
My biography is a life behind a computer
It seems the virtual world accepts me completely
My best friends are the four vanilla colored walls of my room
I am the epitome of loneliness
My life is tagged with desolation
Forlornness know me by name
I am not alone but I am always lonely
I am the lonely loner
And like the lone wolf, I will die alone

When do I get the chance to call someone my love?
When do I also boast of a lover when others do same?
When would loneliness find another victim and leave me alone?
I need a friend to keep me company
My lonely heart keeps searching for that friend
I try never to be alone
But I strive for loneliness to leave me alone
Those I call friends are people who need favors from me
It’s such a shame I have never had a best friend
I crave to be in the company of others
But it seems I am always left behind…..
Forgive my whining, diary
I swear to you, loneliness knows me by name.

Song of Desolation

My life is plagued with sadness
Maddening depression that has sworn to drive smiles away from my face
Those that have birthed me have stolen every bit of happiness away from me
They birthed me together with forlornness; and have tasked me to stay by the side of my twin

I am an island; surrounded by things of no interest to me
I am forbidden from the things I love
My passion has been exiled
Cursed to roam the foreigner’s lands – never to return home again

I am a prisoner; locked in an eternal cage of solitude
I am chaff, blown in different directions by the wind of my masters
I will nothing of my own; and sing only songs of my masters
My life is defined by the wishes of my twin
I tell you; loneliness knows me by name


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